Sunday 11 December 2011


On thursday as a birthday gift to myself I have taken a bus and embarked on a trip to the past. I passed through a small town that can be used to explain where I come from. There is a geographical similarity between this town and my hometown, they both are located in the exact middle of nowhere of the respective countries that they belong to.

After the compulsory stop in my equivalent town I saw a traffic signal with a name deeply rooted in my mind that brought a smile in my face, some call it the "Surfing Irish Meca". Then the bus splitted the river into two revealing what I consider one of the most beautiful landscapes of this country. On the way to my final destination I also encountered a pretty picturesque building from the 12th Century that its view is gifted twice from the road.

A really astonishing view with the understaffed bus following lakes and the river I came to see the shape of the most famous mountain around. Then I saw on the wall of a famous restaurant the signal that reminds you where you are. I even had time to see "the fish" and believe me, it is a big one.

The weather didn't let me down and as could be expected I experienced 4 seasons in one day (It rained, snowed, healed and was sunny for a little while too!).

I even have time to walk alongside the fantastic river that goes through this lovely town and remember how loved this place was by a Nobel Prize winner.

Not everything was good news and I experienced a shock when I saw my favourite bookshop closed and out of my mind came a sonorous curse that I couldn't control and a lovely grandma clarified very gently "It's been like this for two months, pet". Reaching the town centre I also found out that the famous tapas bar was also closed and this added to my sadness feelings, no more Moon parties will take place there as from April this year.

I also bought myself a Sligo IT green hoodie that reminds me that as it is said "It is greener on the west side of Ireland".


  1. your amazing! miss u and this time in this lovely town. its sad that everything is changing, but thats the way of life :) hope u are alright?! besito betty

  2. My lovely Betty! :-D I miss you too! How is life treating ya? It is sad but there are always adventures ahead like Sligo!!

  3. Rubito mama.....i just got our first trip to fairytale city flashed infront of me in a minute. Miss u random i called of work and took the midnight bus to fairy tale city!!

  4. Shay boy!! That was some serious trip!! Waterford to Sligo and back in 48 hours!! Nearly spent more time on the bus than in Sligo itself! I think we should've stayed more, it's like a fairytale or something :D

    Pigeon, pigeon, pigeon...